Jeffrey Phillips and Mark Madonna have emerged in Washington, CT as a well-calibrated tandem team, with Mark pivoting his prowess for client strategy and negotiation toward his longtime acumen and love for real estate. He predominantly represents the sell-side and is adept at showcasing a property’s best attributes, drawing upon his post-Wall Street career as a marketing consultant for luxury real estate developments. He and Jeff spent the last 16 years making their home—and their name—in this insular community where celebrities and world-class artists come to hide out. One of their clients, a renowned literary editor has publicly said of them: “Beyond their manifold expertise, they are simply wonderful people to work with. They are good-humored, straightforward, reliable and 100% trustworthy.” Jeff’s personable manner and entrepreneurial background may have something to do with these accolades; he focuses on the buy-side, investing countless hours researching the Litchfield County real estate market and previewing every new offering so his clients not only stay informed, but have the inside track on the best deals at every price point. Their monthly e-newsletter, In the Fold, has somewhat of a cult following.

As one of the most successful real estate teams in Litchfield County, Connecticut, our goal is to offer a professional, hands-on experience that serves our clients’ best interest. We focus on the quality of service, not the quantity of transactions. As your partners in real estate, we’re dedicated to providing outstanding customer service and earning your trust and business—for the long term.

Our success hinges on maintaining an immaculate reputation built on reviews, on referrals, on ratings, on Likes, and word-of-mouth. But mostly, on confidence, care and consistency. Not only among people we’ve done business with, but with friends, neighbors, and local business people. We recognize this, and in a small community like ours in Litchfield County, we owe our success to earnest interactions with others. And we thank everyone who’s taken the journey with us.

Through the years, we’re proud to have built a strong reputation among our diverse clientele, from C-level executives to artists, to international investors and celebrities, to local residents and friends.

Please call us today, and give us the chance to help earn your business too.

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Jeff’s sociability, independent spirit, and entrepreneurial background set him apart as a top Realtor in the Litchfield County real estate market whose primary focus is as a Buyer Advocate. He works with a range of clients – national and international, as well as celebrities, investors and local residents. As a second generation…