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“Marcel Breuer’s Gagarin House I Hits the Market”

Designed by legendary Bauhaus architect Marcel Breuer from 1956 to 1957 for Andrew and Jamie Gagarin, Gagarin I is a three-bedroom, four-and-a-half-bath midcentury modern masterpiece located in Litchfield, Connecticut. Constructed with a mix of steel framing and reinforced concrete, the two-story home integrates elegantly into the gently sloping hillside by way of its bluestone terraces and original stone walls. 

Updated to include modern amenities while still paying respect to Breuer’s original design, the home has a unique character—and its authentic modernist charm still shines through. One of the most lovely examples of Breuer’s touch is the bush-hammered concrete fireplace in the center of the open-plan living space. The tree-like, sculptural form serves as a focal point surrounded by walls of glass, natural materials, and uninterrupted views of the bucolic surroundings. 

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Marcel Breuer’s Gagarin House I Hits the Market

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